Siyani Drama Cast, Lead Roles, StoryLine, Episode, and Timings

The Drama series “Siyani” graced the screens of Har Pal Geo from September 5, 2022, to December 31, 2022. Its creative brilliance came from the talented pen of Sadia Akhtar and the expert direction of Ali Akbar. It was praised for its strong performances, well-developed characters, and engaging storyline.

Drama NameSiyani
Channel NameGeo Tv
Lead RolesAnmol Baloch, Mohsin Abbas Haider, Usama Khan
Release Date5 September 2022
Timings ScheduleDaily at 9:00 p.m
Directed ByAli Akbar
Scripted bySadia Akhtar
Produced ByAbdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi
Production Company7th Sky Entertainment

Siyani Drama Cast:

The following is a brief discussion of the lead roles and supporting roles of actors and actresses in the Siyani drama cast:

Lead Roles:

  • Anmol Baloch as Kiran
  • Usama Khan as Zohaib
  • Saniya Shamshad as Ujala

Anmol Baloch as Kiran:

Anmol Baloch is a renowned Pakistani actress celebrated for her roles in numerous hit dramas, such as “Aik Larki Aam Si” and “Deewar e Shab ” She’s gained recognition for her exceptional acting skills, particularly in her portrayal of intricate characters.

In the “Siyani” Drama, Anmol Baloch embodies the character of Kiran, a self-centered and materialistic woman who enters into a marriage with Zarbab for his wealth. Her unwavering commitment lies in dismantling his family and achieving her desires.

Martial statusSingle
Home TownKarachi
CareerActress, Model and Television Presenter
EducationCompleted education university in Karachi

Usama Khan as Zohaib:

Usama Khan, a Pakistani television actor, entered this world on November 22, 1991, in Gujranwala, Pakistan. His educational journey led him to the SKANS School of Accountancy in Lahore, where he pursued ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants).

In “Siyani” Drama, Usama Khan portrays the character of Zohaib, a kind and gentle soul deeply in love with Ujala.

Martial statusMarried
Home TownGujranwala
CareerActor, model
EducationACCA from SKANS

Saniya Shamshad as Ujala:

Saniya Shamshad is a talented Pakistani actress recognized for her appearances in various dramas, such as “Aseer zadi” and “Daraar” Her striking natural beauty is coupled with a remarkable talent for delivering compelling performances.

In Siyani, her character is Ujala, a sweet and gentle soul compelled to lead a life void of love and unrealized dreams.

Martial statusMarried
Home TownLahore
CareerActor, model

Supporting Roles:

Mohsin Abbas Haider as Zarbab:

Zarbab is a complex and conflicted character. He is initially drawn to Ujala’s beauty and kindness, but he is also drawn to Kiran’s wealth and social status. He faces the difficulty of maintaining his love for Ujala with the duties he owes to his family.

Isha Noor:

Kiran has a loyal friend in Ayesha, who will stop at nothing to help her, even if it means crossing moral lines.

Erum Akhtar:

Reema is a tough and self-reliant woman committed to keeping her daughter safe. She is suspicious of Kiran and her intentions, and she is determined to stop her from hurting her daughter.

Tipu Sharif:

Bakhtiyar is a powerful and successful businessman. He is a loving father to Zarbab, but he is also a demanding man. He wants Zarbab to marry into a wealthy family, and he is disappointed when Zarbab falls in love with Ujala.

Seemi Pasha:

Zarbab’s mother is a kind and loving woman. She is disappointed in her son’s marriage to Kiran, but she is determined to be supportive of him.

Yasir Shoro:

Rizwan is a close friend of Zarbab’s. He is suspicious of Kiran and her intentions, and he warns Zarbab about her.

Beena Chaudhry:

Nusrat is Kiran’s mother-in-law. She is a kind and generous woman who is supportive of her son’s marriage. She is initially suspicious of Ujala, but she comes to love her as a daughter.

Siyani Drama Storyline:

Siyani is a story about two women from different backgrounds: Kiran and Ujala. Kiran is a selfish and materialistic woman who is determined to achieve a lavish lifestyle, even if it means taking shortcuts. Ujala is a kind and beautiful woman who lives with Kiran’s family and dreams of becoming independent.

Kiran sees Zarbab, a wealthy and handsome young man, as a way to advance her social status. She weaves a web of lies and deceit to win him over. Ujala, on the other hand, is forced to live a life devoid of love and unfulfilled dreams.

Kiran marries Zarbab, but her true nature is soon revealed. She begins to manipulate him and his family, and she goes to great lengths to get what she wants. Ujala, on the other hand, falls in love with Zohaib, a kind and gentle man. However, their relationship is complicated by Kiran’s schemes.

The drama follows the lives of Kiran, Ujala, and Zarbab as they navigate the complexities of relationships, family, and social status. Kiran’s lies and deceit eventually catch up with her, and she is forced to face the consequences of her actions. Ujala, on the other hand, finds love and happiness, but only after overcoming many challenges.

Siyani Drama Timings:

The Siyani drama launched on September 5, 2022, and aired daily at 9:00 pm.

Siyani Drama Ost:

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